Friday, December 21, 2007

Tramps and Hobos and Campfires

Can't we PATCH things up?

3 1/4" x 3 3/4"
circa 1950s
by A-Meri-Card
made in USA
 marked: 101

Like stamps on Valentines I'd stick like glue if I had someone to love like you!

4 1/2" x 3 3/4"
1920s, 1930s
Fold-Down Stand-Up
made in USA

Every road to my happiness leads to you My Valentine.

3 1/2" x 2 3/4"
made in USA

I may be down at the HEELS but You're my SOLE Valentine!

3 3/8" x 3 3/4"
circa 1950s

Upon my SOLE I sit and pine,Waiting for you my Valentine.

6 1/8" x 4 7/8"
circa 1930s
made in USA

I'll CAMP and TRAMP until I find a girl like you for my Valentine.

3" x 4"
dated 1939

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