Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make-Up, Perfume and Beauty Themes

Dear Valentine MAKE UP to me a little!

4" x 5 7/8"
circa 1940s, 1950s
  Mechanical Flat
   no publisher's marks
 made in U.S.A.

Reflections of Love - To My Valentine - I'm Puffed Up about you.

6 3/8" x 8 3/4"
circa 1930s
 Mechanical Flat
marked: printed in Germany
stand on back
 jointed in two spots

Why don't you MAKE UP your mind to be my Valentine.

3 1/4" x 4"
dated 1939
made in USA

 Fixin' to be your Valentine!

3 3/4" x 3 5/8"
circa 1950s
 by Hallmark

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