Monday, March 3, 2014

Victorian - Romantic Embossed Paper Valentines

 Time Cannot Change Me.

2 5/8" x 3 3/4" (3 3/4" x 5 3/8" opened)
circa 1850s, 1860s

single fold with embossed design
Center heart and circle of text are pasted on

no verse or image inside
no marking on the back

 Modesty ~ Be mine Dear Maid, this faithful heart Can never prove untrue; 'Twere easier far, from life to part, Than cease to live for you.

2 7/8" x 3 3/4" (3 3/4" x 5 3/4" opened)
circa 1850s, 1860s

single fold with embossed design
Heart at top and scrap with text 

are pasted on
Verse pasted on interior
no marking on the back

May Pleasures ever meet thee!

5" x 3 3/4" (5" x 7 1/2" opened)
circa 1880s

single fold with embossed design
and paper scraps

handwriting  on he interior
no publisher's markings

Valentine Good Cheer

3 1/2" x 3 1/2"
circa 1900s, 1910s
no publisher's marks
 embossed detailing

With Best Wishes

4 5/8" x 7"
circa 1880s, 1890s
Single Fold
text is on sticker behind figure's head
no publisher's marks
 embossed detailing
no text or decoration on the interior

I want no kingdom Where thou art, love, I want no throne to make me blest, While within thy Tender heart, love, Thou wilt take my jeart to rest. Kings must play a Weary part, love, Thrones must ring with wild alarms,But the kingdom of My heart, love, Lies within these loving arms .

5" x 7 3/4"
dated 1893

Single Fold
Interior has printed text
no publisher's marks

2 layers of paper lace top colorful embossed paper

2 Cards with Coordinating Decorative fronts with Victorian Scraps Applied.

5" x 3 5/8"
circa 1890s  
no makers marks
blank interiors

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