Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mossman - Maker of 19th Century Paper Lace Valentine Cards

Loves Offering

3 7/8" x 5 1/2"
circa 1870s, 1880s 
 Single Fold

David Mossman (1825-1901) was an English valentine maker who created lovely paper lace cards dating to the 1860s through at least the 1880s. His paper lace blanks were sometimes purchased by others to finish. There is an example of a card finished by famed valentine collector Jonathan King that resides in the collection of the Museum Of London. I don't know if Howland used any of his blanks. I have read mention of Mossman cards featuring "splendid miniature paintings"* but have not seen any examples of such cards myself. Examples of Mossman cards reside in the collections of several museums.

Our card features fine detailing in the paper lace. The front is adorned with applied Victorian scraps. The interior has a hand written verse:

No other motive has been mine
For sending you this Valentine
Except my friendship to express
And wish you wealth and happiness.

*Jonathan King as quoted on p34 of The American Stationer, Volume 68, July 2, 1910


Ruth Webb Lee - A History of Valentines, 1952
The American Stationer, Volume 68, July 2, 1910

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