Saturday, October 25, 2014

Valentine Themed Trade Cards

Trade cards were very popular in the Victorian era. The advertisements sometimes used symbols associated with different specific holidays (like cupids for Valentine's Day, or rabbits for Easter), or mentioned a holiday directly, as our example for McLaughlin's Coffee, seen below, does.

 St. Valentine's Day Drink McLaughlins XXXX Coffee.

5 3/8" x 6 7/8"
circa 1870s, 1880s
2-Sided Flat
 From a set of 12 cards each featuring a different Holiday.

published by Shober and Carqueville

Shober and Carqueville was formed in 1876 when Charles Shober joined Edward Carqueville in reorganizing the Chicago Lithographic Company after the departure of Louis Kurtz. In the 1880s Shober moved on. After Carqueville's 1896 death it became the Carqueville Lithographic Press until its sale in 1915 to Theodore Schmidt Lithographing Co.


Industrial Chicago Vol 4, 1894, Godspeed Publishing Co., p 487-488

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